"As Head of Hawkesley Church Primary School from 1999-2007, Jackie Tyler supported us with many different initiatives, working with children of all ages. Each of these yielded very high quality cross curricular work, culminating in a final performance which always met the highest standards. The children always responded extremely positively, reaching and surpassing their own expectations on every occasion.

I would totally recommend any school to work with Jackie, not only as a means of adding a high quality music intervention to their curriculum, but also as a tried and tested means of enhancing pupils' self-esteem, self confidence and sense of well being. Jackie's enthusiasm, commitment and total dedication will prove an asset to any school."

Roger Wooldridge


“The pupils were obviously enjoying themselves and had clearly learned a lot in a very short space of time . Thank you so much for all you have done to give so much enjoyment to pupils and audience alike.”
Governor at a Warwickshire Primary School

I just wanted to email to say thank you so much - the children LOVED Jackie's visit this morning to school and they worked really hard.  Our school has an Autism Spectrum Disorder Outreach Unit attached to it and the four autistic students who participated it were all confident enough to play something on their own which is something that they don't ordinarily do.  I have been very impressed today with the workshop and it is most certainly something which I intend to develop with our music teacher into our schemes next year.  Thank you once again.

Curriculum Leader: Music & MFL / KS3 Academic Manager at a Staffordshire school