Forthcoming projects

Autumn has been a quiet time for school projects but a busy time with CBSO with touring and the start of our exciting new season.  Chamber music events coming up include a baroque concert at St Mary’s Church, Acocks Green on 21st November at 7.30pm, the theme is "Upon a Ground," and a Centre Stage concert at the CBSO Centre on 23rd November 1.10pm. Julia Beisswanger, Cath Arlidge, Miriam Guillaume and myself  play quartets by Mozart and Haydn. Do get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Next term is a different matter. I will be leading two major creative projects as part of the CBSO’s education programme and we're busy setting these up right now.

  • The second year of the Musical Leadership Project exploring how music can be integrated into the curriculum and used in collaboration with other art forms. It will be based on Birmingham History.
  • A project with Victoria Special School tapping into their school topic, the Mediterranean.
  • Also there are plans for Sing the Curriculum.

Watch this space!