Sing the Curriculum

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Creative words and music for learning

Sing the Curriculum sets curriculum topics alight with song-making and performance.


photograph by Edward Moss 

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Creative process within a single class:

The children write their own lyrics in creative writing workshops with Mandy Ross (, children’s author and teacher. Next, CBSO musicians Jackie Tyler and Wendy Quirk lead small-group composition workshops to set the lyrics to music.
The process culminates in a rehearsal and performance for the school community. The school may opt to have a record of the song lyrics, music and accompaniment.

  • Tailored to Foundation, KS1 or KS2
  • Flexible approach can be adapted for parallel classes or whole school
  • Working with artists-in-residence develops skills, confidence and self-esteem
  • Builds creativity, communication and teamwork
  • Creates a legacy of your own songs, lyrics and accompaniments

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